December 7, 2015

Matt Gibson // Actor / Model / Illustrator

gallery_mattgibson_300x245While many people think Actor and Illustrator are completely unrelated professions, Matt believes they are extensions of self expression and creativity. He does them both very well. This Jeffrey Marcus-trained triple threat is originally from Ohio but now lives in Los Angeles, where he works consistently as a professional actor and model. Matt is an active SAG/AFTRA MEMBER, has appeared in work with I AND EYE PRODUCTIONS and Tamir Mustafa, and been on runways around the United States.

In Dallas, Matt is proudly represented to the advertising and learning communities by Leuzinger Design.

gallery_geurilla1On the 2D/3D art and illustration side, Matt is fluent in Maya, Mudbox, and the Adobe products Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

He can also put pen and brush to paper and canvas when the need arises.